Schedule of Fees

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Share Draft Fees
Celebrity $9
Premier $8
Universal $7
Corporate Check $4
Excess Transfer Fee $3
Temporary Checks Order $5
Cashier's Check $5
Check Order varies
ATM Fees
Empty ATM Envelope $35
Wire Transfers
Domestic Wires $25
International Wires $50
Wire Trace Fee $10
Incoming Wires $0
Visa Annual Fee None
Balance Transfer Fee None
Cash Advance Fee - on our credit card None
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Late Payment Fee  Up to $20
Return Payment Fee Up to $29 
Over-the-Credit-Limit Fee Up to $20
Replacement Card Rush Shipping Fee $45-90
Visa Card Statement Copy Fee $5
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
Each Deposit Item Returned For Insufficient Funds (NSF) $35
(Deposit Via ATM's) Each Returned Item $35
ATM Foreign Deposit for NSF $6
ATM Deposit Adjustment $2
Transaction at Non-UCSCU/Non-Network ATMs $1
Loan Fees
DMV Transfer Fee $16
Mortgage Demand Fee (per request) $30
Verification of Mortgage $25
Loan Extension Fee $25
Real Estate Loan Reconveyance $55
Plus: County Recording Fees Charges Vary per County
Real Estate Subordination $350
DMV Processing for Private Party & Non-Dealer Transactions $25
Stop Payment Fees
Checks (no stop payment on corporate checks before 90 days) $20
ACH $20
Copy Fees
Personal Check (first two checks free per statement) $5
Statement Copy $5
Cashier's Check $5
Faxed Documents (per page) $2
Misc. Fees
Federal Express varies
Notary Fee (per signature) $15
New Member Fee $1
Research Fee (per hour) $25
Rush Delivery $45-$90
Card Replacement Fee $15
VOD - Verification of Deposit $15
Levy $25
IRA Closed or Transferred $20
Express Payment (online) 6%
Legal Fees varies
Address Locator Fee $5
Coin Dep (only Burbank Branch) 6.5%
Universal Pay
Universal Pay Fees (for each item paid under the limit) $32
Foreign Cash Redeemed
Foreign Item Redeemed (ex. Check) $10.00
Foreign Cash Purchase $14.50
Direct (888) FOR-MYCU | (888) 367-6928